iPad Pilot a Success - New students get more iPads              As part of our efforts to enhance and enrich the lives of Bridgman students and to provide them with the best opportunities to learn, the Bridgman Foundation for Educational Excellence is pleased to once again fund a one-to-one learning program by donating nearly $30,000 for the purchase of iPads® and protective cases for every second grader in the 2013-2014 school year.

With the success of the school’s initial one-to-one learning device program last year and donation of over $40,000, the Foundation unanimously voted to fund a second round of iPads®.   The one-to-one learning program was originally designed by Bridgman’s second grade teaching staff as an avenue to enhance classro  om and homework instruction.  With the devices, teacherslast year were able to gauge a student’s progress in real time, thus having the ability to customize an individual’s lesson plan based on their strengths and areas that may need additional focus.

All too often, new technology emerges without much regard for those with disabilities or access issues.  For these reasons the Foundation understood the importance of ensuring that each student has access to an iPad®.  Additionally, with numerous apps designed to assist those who may struggle at times in the typical classroom environment, the Foundation will continue to drive towards its ultimate goal to provide a one-to-one learning device to every student attending Bridgman Public Schools.

The District has roughly 1,000 students, and outfitting every student with such a device will only be made possible by the generous support of the community. To date, many donations to the Foundation have been made by individuals and businesses through special donation, the inaugural Links for Education golf outing and the ongoing Buy-A-Brick Fundraising campaign.

From Concept to Design

Students within the industrial arts department can put to use their CAD drawings by using a CNC machine purchased by the Bridgman Foundation for Educational Excellence.  Bridgman schools is the first known school district to install such a device, giving students a full concept to design learning experience traditionally found in only advanced college classes. Employers within the area have often stated that finding students with this level of experience is next to impossible. The Foundation felt this was just another door that needed opening for the students within Bridgman Public Schools.




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The Bridgman Foundation for Educational Excellence exists to ENHANCE learning opportunities for students in the Bridgman Public Schools. The funds we seek will be utilized to create opportunities for learning above and beyond what the district funds.

Excellence in public education is essential to the economic and social well-being of any community. The foundation is dedicated to provide enhanced learning opportunities for our students, staff, and community; to recognize innovation, to foster excellence, and to make a positive impact on the future of our community through education.

The Bridgman Foundation for Educational Excellence is committed to ensuring that the children of today and in the future are provided with opportunities to successfully compete in the ever-changing global community.  The Foundation is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of community volunteers committed to excellence in education. For more information on volunteer opportunities, email us.