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2019-20 Grants

  • String Art for Advanced Geometry (A. Veldman)

  • Kagan Activities/Book and Higher Level Thinking Cards/RMS (K. Wells)

  • Specialized Keyboard/RMS and BHS Band (C. Reppart)

  • History Book Library/RMS Social Studies/ELA Integration (M. Foxworthy)

  • Handmade Sketchbooks/High School Art (R. Marfia)

  • Garden/Middle School (M. Payne)

  • Adjustable Desks/Elem. School Special Ed(M. Duehlmeyer)

  • Qball Microphone/Elem.School (N. Foxworthy)


2018-19 Grants

  • 5th Grade Stand-Up Desks

  • Screenagers/Internet Safety Video

  • Stem Library

  • Cultivating Creativity

  • Animation in Art


2017-18 Grants

  • Elementary School Garden Club

  • Middle School Adaptive Furniture

  • Elementary School Reading/Listening Center 

  • ​Elementary School Ruth McNally Barshaw
    Author/Illustrator School Visit and Parent Night

2015-17 Grants

  • Drone for Marching Band Camp

  • Audio Books to Enhance Reading Skills

  • CNC Machine: From Concept to Design

  • Reading Lesson Workshop Models

  • 3D Printers and Material Kits

  • "Hey Ugly!" Anti-Bullying Assembly

  • Math Field Trip to the University of Chicago

  • Biography Books for the BES Library


2011-14 Grants

  • iPADS

  • Zoophonics

  • Geography Alive Electronic Presentations

  • VersaTiles: Algebra Lab Mini Cases

  • Practical Wind & Power Systems

  • FLIP Video Camera Bundle 

  • State Capitol Visit

  • Southwest Michigan Symphony Young People's Concert

  • BES News Broadcast Equipment

2010-11 Grants

  • Visit to Art Institute in Chicago/Geometry in Art

  • RTI-Readers Association Membership

  • Southwest Michigan Symphony Concert

  • Personal Acting Instruction Program

  • fitBall Seating Discs

  • Solar Powered Tri-Cycle Materials

2009 Grants
  • BOSU Fitness Trainers

  • Materials to Re-Create a Common Soldier’s Civil War Experience

  • Reading Comprehension and Writing Tools

  • Frog Dissection Alternative Lab Software

  • Study Materials for Earth’s Waters, Weather, and Climate

  • Calculator Based Rangers used with Math Graphing Calculators

  • Conflict Resolution Training Materials for Students and Staff.

  • Art Materials for Historical Hallway Mural Painting.

  • Digital Camera Packs for Art Classes

  • Visit to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

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