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The Bridgman Foundation for Educational Excellence has $17,500 to award in new grants during the 2023-2024 school year. Grants are awarded to teachers for the purpose of supporting curriculum enrichment and enhancing the learning experience.


Grants may submitted at any time and will be reviewed and responded in accordance with the current year's process schedule.

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2022-2023 Grants

Classroom Calm Down Center (K. Yauchstetter/RMS): A variety of materials/tools in a small classroom area that students can use to help them deal with stress, anxiety, anger, etc., which allows them to re-enter classroom learning activities in a timely manner.

Classroom Carpets (Ales, Doyle, Hahaj, & Yerington/BES):  Four colorful and age- appropriate classroom carpets for a Progressive 5 classroom and three kindergarten classrooms for daily two-hour periods spent at carpet time, close to the board receiving direct instructions in science, social studies, reading, math, snack and brain breaks.


Book Vending Machine (L. Graves/BES): Contribution towards the purchase of a paperback book vending machine for Bridgman Elementary School. It will promote the love of reading while awarding all students the opportunity to select a book of their choice using coins earned for birthdays, scholastic achievement and improved behavior.nce in leadership, project-based teamwork, networking, writing, public speaking, and problem solving.

STEM Lab/Broadcast Club Portable Equipment (K. deBest/RMS): A portable video camera and ipad that allow students to record, edit and splice remote segments into district broadcasts and for STEM Lab projects.

Teacher Training (Klunder, Singer, Cramer/RMS & BES): Funds for three teachers to attend the “Get Your Teach On” National Conference in June 2023. The sessions, designed by expert educators and administrators, provide teachers with new methods in problem solving and critical thought to create high impact instructional delivery that build engaging and intentional learning experiences. The goal is to enable students to take ownership of their own learning. The new methods will be shared with the staffs of both schools.

DECA (McGee/HS): Funds to defray costs for registration, travel, lodging, and meals to 23   Bridgman High School Students who advanced from the DECA state conference to the DECA International Career Development Conference in Washington, DC. Competitions included marketing, accounting, and business management disciplines and provided experience in leadership, project-based teamwork, networking, writing, public speaking, and problem solving.

2021-2022 Grants

Room Dividers for Title One Classroom

(D. Knezic/Elem School)

Portable room dividers provide spaces for small groups of students for small group instruction especially in in reading, math and writing. Small group sessions allow students a quiet place where they can focus on learning without distractions.


First Chapter Fridays Classroom Library (S. Conklin/HS) 

Purchase of age-appropriate books began an initiative for 11th and 12th grade students to reintroduce them to the joy of independent reading. Twice a month, a portion of the first chapter of a novel is read to students, hopefully spiking interest in the book. Several copies of each novel are available for students to take out and read.

DECA International Career Development Conference (L. McGee/HS)

Funds to defray costs for registration, travel, lodging and meals to 30 Bridgman High School Students who advanced to the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Competitions included marketing, accounting, and business management disciplines and provided experience in leadership, project-based teamwork, networking, writing, public speaking and problem solving.

Science of Reading Materials (A.Ales/Elem School)

New reading instructional materials of best practices that coincide with evidence-based research and support a systematic approach to reading instruction.

First Chapter Fridays Classroom Library (A. Knowlton & M. Foxworthy/RMS)

Four copies of 40 different age-appropriate books and shelving to store them. First chapter of each book will be read on Fridays in the hope that students will want to finish reading the book and enhance reading skills. Discussion of the book and other books will develop public speaking skills.

SEL Library (J. Klunder, Woerdehoff, Singer & Denney/Elem School) An addition to the school’s library of SEL (social, emotional learning) books and resources that all teachers may check out to supplement their lessons and assist them in developing their students’ emotional learning.​

2020-2021 Grants

Digital Cameras/RMS (R. Marfia)

RMS has a No Cell Phone Policy that supports students’ concentration in learning and social interaction. The digital cameras provide students “legal” photographic equipment for various art projects. They learn how to take high quality photographs of their finished artwork, create digital art portfolios, and learn about a variety of art professions that use photography. The cameras will also be used in the production of the school’s yearbook.


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STEM LAB Equipment/RMS (K. deBest)

A Glowforge design and laser engraving system and a new 3D printer, capable of printing multiple colors at a time, are new technology equipment used in a variety of businesses. The equipment provides students with learning opportunities well beyond those in a normal classroom to design, measure, edit, and produce multiple projects.

Artwork Display Rails/RMS (R. Marfia)

The display rails professionally and securely show artwork in approved areas around the school. They replace securing artwork to walls using painter’s tape that often wrinkled student work and did not hold artwork securely to the walls. Students love seeing their work displayed and enjoy discussing it with their peers. It helps them envision other work displayed in the public realm. Curating artwork also fulfills part of the visual art curriculum.

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